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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ahhh! Christmas break!

Not only am I hopped up on left over candy canes and black eyed peas, (do you want me to make the bad band joke because I can?) but I am also sleep deprived and terribly sad thinking of what tomorrow brings.

Because well yes, tomorrow brings back routine, something I thrive off of and seeing all my 'friends.' But it also comes with getting up early and what I like to call, and I came up with this all by myself, the I-got-new-stuff-and-I-will-wear-as-much-as-possible-today-and-the-week-to-come-and-I-will-say-I-didn't-get-anything-that-big-when-in-fact-I-tried-to-stuff-my-new-macbookair-into-my-new-knock-off-bag-which-I-will-continue-to-complain-about-even-though-I-really-want-you-to-bring-it-up-in-every-conversation-with-whomever-isn't-already-talking-about-they're-own-gifts mode. I think you can piece together this one on your own.

But the thing is, while I have done intense research on this after Christmas break condition, I still fall under it. At least a little. See I know and understand it. So I try to pace my showing off. Choose items to wear individually, rather than all at once. Like I know Specs will, she'll probably have 5 hair ribbons on at the same time. I am seriously considering slowly pushing the laptop into the bath.

But the worst ones are the ones who think they're doing it discreetly, like me. We pretend we don't notice our new coats (I got about 10, including one that says Stanford, which makes not getting in there in 4 years all the more scary) or new watches! See I'm showing off cyberally now. I disappoint myself.

I am very lucky though. This year I was fortunate enough to get things I wanted and visit my family. I refuse to see the hours of plane rides a lucky thing.

But just like the subway (I rode that! I seriously deserve a prize or something, you know at the ends of rides when they have t shirts that say 'I survived the_____' Yeah, well I was looking for one of those when I got off) on planes there are some characters! I tried to mimic their positions. I realized my feet were crossed, so I spread them, rather unladylike to match all the others. Then with my hands I placed them on my thighs and made my face and eyes blank. Oh the stories they could have told me...

Actually there were some messed up people at the airport. I don't know what the big deal with the TSA is, no matter what they do, the creepers will get in. For example...

You know how in movies there's always that obnoxious older brother, popular boy or best friend who wears his shirt collars up, sunglasses backwards on his hat and says things like 'ba bang' and jumps into cars without opening doors. There the ones who give themselves cool nicknames and always bang things and shout when making points. Think Steve Stifler (if you've watched that movie you have a very clear image now.) Well I never believed these guys existed, but what do you know, they do.

I was sitting at the gate and being the observer, or lets be honest, creep, I was listening and watching this guy come up to his 'buddies.' First he did the fist bump and I though he was gonna say 'bro' but I was sadly mistaken. He banged and danced a bit and then he started to tell this story about some girl one of his 'buddies' had asked about,'Dude she turned out to be 12! I had to get out of their like now...they don't grow them like that where I'm from. My sisters 10 and she never...' Add a few awful laughs and you got him. I need a friend like him so no one sits by us on planes.

Then once on the plane an older Shane and two girls sat behind us and they wouldn't stop talking. My sister was ready to go Specs on them. They started off funny, though,'Honey are you sure the cats going to be okay up here?' OS said as he put a cat carrier in the over head bins, the flight attendant (I can't help feeling bad for the poor suckers) told him an animals couldn't be kept up there. To which his 'honey' laughed and explained no animal was actually in it.

To sum things up for you here's 5 things I did on vacation
1.Made a wreath with a big sparkly feather on it. Ba Bang!
2.Watched some classic movies
3.Got my hair done, not much of a change because I'm trying to grow it out.
4.Invented another imaginary friend world including 5 more friends! Yay!
5. Worked on the roller coaster project and am almost done!

On the flight home we sat on the left side of the plane! I can't even sit in the left side of the classroom. And to top it off, in front of a baby. Before the end of the flight I wanted to kill the man in front of me who had his seat fully reclined and the babies parents who were trying tirelessly to teach it where Georgia was in a napkin

I also read this book called King Dork. Its a story about a nerdy kid in high school whose life changes after he reads his dead dads copy of the Cather in the Rye. At first I hated it because it says straight away that he doesn't like the Cather in the Rye (one of my favorites and a great inspiration) and that all teachers are part of the Catcher cult. So I started fairly biased, but it turned out to be an amazingly hilarious portrayal of high school. It had quirks and inside jokes with the reader, which I liked. And, what I liked the most, that characters weren't 2 dimensional. They were different than the typical crush or best friend. Like Kind Dorks best friend wasn't the party girl or the shy smart one as they are in most novels. He was a criminal genius, who stole Vicadin and made himself have nosebleeds before he got punched in PE. I liked that the characters were unexpected and genuinely deep. A must read.

I also watched a few classic movies. Like the Graduate and Rain man. Dustin Hoffman may be about to over take Billy Crystal. Quite an accomplishment.

All in all a good break. Well deserved if I may say so myself. Its nice to not have to know what day it is.

Hope you had one too! Happy new year...I can now say it is January 2, 2011. Its so weird to type that, gonna take some getting use to. You have no idea how long it took for me to think of what day it was.

PS. While working on the science project the first time my moms 30 year old, industrial  hot glue gun gave me a crazy burn on my ankle. It's sick (I think that's what the cool kids say when they aren't talking about sexual intercourse.) I've been telling people I got it in Nam. Pictures to come soon.